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When Taekwondo was first introduced as a demonstration sport, millions of practitioners began to dream about reaching the ultimate pinnacle an athlete can reach in sport; to become an Olympian. To reach the Olympics is the peak of an athlete’s career. All the determination, hard work, sacrifices over the long years culminating in the right to be selected to represent their country at the greatest and oldest sporting event in history.

But what does it take to achieve this goal? It is not the journey of a single athlete. This journey requires support. Support from friends. Support from the Coaches. But most of all, support from parents. So the question everyone who has aspiring Olympians asks is “How does one raise an Olympic athlete?” or maybe a better question to ask is, “Why do you want to raise an Olympic athlete?”

I came across this article in thereporter.com and wanted to share this to with everyone, parents and athletes, who wants to go to the Olympics.