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14 Techniques to Becoming a Black Belt

I came across another great article which I wanted to share. This is something I always tell all my students, master the basics if you want to become a Master.

Is Martial Arts Training for Children Only? Think Again!!!

Being a club owner IĀ get parents registering their children for Taekwondo all the time. However, when I suggest they also sign up, they become shy or hesitate because to them it seems like something only children should be put into. Well, think again. I found this...

Olympic Dream or Nightmare?

  When Taekwondo was first introduced as a demonstration sport, millions of practitioners began to dream about reaching the ultimate pinnacle an athlete can reach in sport; to become an Olympian. To reach the Olympics is the peak of an athlete’s career. All...

How To Be A Good Taekwondo Student

I recently came across this article and wanted to share with all our parents and students. Enjoy.